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Treatment of brain metastases. Koehler M, Merlo A. Ther. Umsch. 2001 Dec; 58(12):732-7. Review.

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2001 Schwahn H., Gekeler FE., Schwarz Th Sachs H., Koehler M., Zrenner E Towards a subretinal visual prosthesis: Topographical analysis of cortical activation following light stimulation of subretinal electrical stimulation. Arvo Abstract Book, Inv. Ophthalmol. & Vis. Sci 42, pp. S 942- (2001)  
2000 Incomplete bitemporal hemianopia without headache: an unusual case of pituitary apoplexy. Lohmann CP, Köhler M, Ullrich OW Eye 2000 Feb;14
(Pt 1):116-7

Neurosurgical implantation of epidural electrodes for VER recording in the minipig for visual prosthesis development. Poster ARVO 2000 Ft. Lauderdale FL


Schwahn HN., Gekeler F., Sachs HG., Kobuch K., Koehler M., Jakob W., Gabel V-P., Zrenner E Evoked cortical responses following multifocal electrical stimulation in the subretinal space of rabbit and minipig. Arvo Abstract Book, Inv. Ophthalmol. & Vis. Sci 41, pp. S 102- (2000)

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